Hemp vs. Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

Hemp vs. Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

Hemp and cannabis are simply various sufficient for hemp to express a market that is huge for marijuana shares.

Marijuana stocks are soaring as a result of present modifications to just just how hemp is managed in america. That’s got everybody else asking: Exactly what are the top cannabis shares to purchase in 2019? So that you can comprehend the effect from hemp deregulation on cannabis organizations, it really is helpful to know the way cannabis and hemp will vary.

Exact exact Same but various

Marijuana could be the dried flower for the feminine cannabis plant, and it may originate from either the cannabis indica or cannabis sativa types. Hemp is a known member associated with cannabis sativa family members.


Although hemp and marijuana can both result from the cannabis sativa household, they may be distinctly various. Marijuana is bushier with wider leaves, while hemp is leaner with shinier leaves.

It is differences in their chemical structure that really set them apart, though.

A lot more than 100 chemical cannabinoids are observed in cannabis, however the quantity of these cannabinoids varies dramatically between marijuana and hemp.

Marijuana’s many cannabinoid that is common tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the chemical cannabinoid from the plant’s psychoactive impact. In cannabis, THC amounts can achieve 30%, with respect to the stress, but THC amounts in hemp are not as much as 0.3per cent. Continue reading “Hemp vs. Marijuana: What’s the Difference?”